SideLaze Lift by Dr. William Ting

Cynosure PrecisionTx with SideLaze for Laser Facial Contouring

PrecisionTxTM (formerly known as SideLaze800) is the latest technology in laser facial and neck contouring. The Cynosure PrecisionTxTM with SideLaze laser delivery system used with SmartLipo Triplex laser has been optimized for treatment of smaller areas such as lower half of face and neck. It is a tiny side-firing laser fiber with 1440 nm wavelength, known to be most efficacious in melting of fat layers and tightening of subcutaneous tissue. Controlled laser energy is then applied along undersurface of lower half of face and the neck. Therefore, significant improvement of facial and neck contouring is achieved via laser-assisted lipolysis and tissue tightening through tissue coagulation.

  • Immediate tightening of subcutaneous tissue
  • Instant lipolysis of fat pads, particularly along jowls, chin, and neck
  • Efficient stimulation of collagen production
  • A more lifted look and contouring continue to progress through six months with 80% patient improvement reported 3 months post treatment.

SideLaze Lift procedure is performed using local, tumescent anesthesia, in the office operating room, preceded by oral and/or intramuscular sedation and pain medication. After prepping and draping, tiny 2 mm incisions are made beneath each earlobes and under the chin. Tumescent lidocaine with epinephrine is then infiltrated using a small, blunt infiltration cannula. The lower half of the face, jowls, and neck is marked in zones of 5 x 5 cm. Laser energy is delivered by SideLaze800 up against the skin with each zone treated to endpoints of pre-set energy with safeguard for the laser to terminate delivery of energy when certain temperature parameter is reached, typically 40-42 degrees Centigrade. 

If there is significant fat pads on chin or jowls, Dr. Ting may also perform gentle neck liposuction using a tiny liposuction cannula to aspirate melted fat.

The incision sites will not be sutured and are left open to faciliate drainage of melted fat and fluids as foam pads and head wrap will be applied and be worn 24/7 for 72 hours and to be continued at night for 2-3 additional weeks whenever possible, not to interefere work obligations or social functions.

Final clinical outcome of SideLaze Lift using PrecisionTxTM may not be fully appreciated until 6 months after the procedure as skin tightening and stimulation of collagen continues for at least half of a year. Due to cascade of inflammatory response of skin and subcutaneous tissues to the laser energy, it is normal to experience some tightness, firmness, and occasional post-op fibrous nodularity that eventually resolve. Manual massage of affected areas should be performed three times a day. Most patients will experience continual improvement of jawline and neck contouring as early as 4 weeks and continues to get better over 6 months.